Vitamin Injections  

Vitamin injections enable direct delivery of key nutritional supplements including vitamins or antioxidants directly into the body through an intramuscular injection, where they can be rapidly absorbed and delivered through the system. 
In recent years, vitamin injections have become popular among people who are concerned to ensure that they are getting adequate levels of vitamin. Advocates claim that they feel better as a result of regular injections, stating improvements to energy levels, weight, sleep, mood and hair loss. 
Vitamin injections are a very quick and efficient method of addressing deficiencies. Some vitamins are very difficult to get through diet and supplements are not always readily absorbed by the body. Having an injection means that the vitamin is delivered straight into the blood stream, providing optimal absorption. 
Your therapist: Teresa Doherty (BSc Nutritional Medicine) 

Vitamin Injection Treatments 

Vitamin D: The ‘sunshine’ vitamin 
Single: £49 
6 vials £245 
• Formed by exposure to sunlight 
• Helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorous from food 
• Helps maintain bones, muscles, teeth 
• Supports the immune system 
• Increased energy 
• Balances hormones 
• Regulates metabolism 
• Balances the nervous system 
• Treatment for depression and anxiety 
• Requires optimal levels of magnesium for absorption 
Test your Vitamin D levels: 
Rapid Test- gives a reading of sufficient or insufficient: £15.00 
Smart Test- gives a reading of ng/mL of blood: £39.00 
Vitamin C: Boost the immune system 
Single: £29 
6 vials: £145 
• Vitamin C is an important part of any supplement program 
• Works with enzymes to make collagen 
• Brightens skin and complexion 
• Boost immune system 
• Guards against heart disease 
• Responsible for healthy bones, tissues and veins 
• Helps prevent allergies and skin rashes 
• Helps healing 
• Boosts immunity 
• Reduced risk of cataracts 
• There are a great many conditions where vitamin C is of value, to name a few: Asthma, auto-immune, cancer, common cold, diabetes, eczema, glaucoma, high blood pressure, menopause, osteoarthritis. Vitamin C is an important part of any supplement program 
B Complex: Increase energy levels 
Single: £39 
6 vials: £195 
Vitamin B complex injection (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 & B12) 
• The ultimate fat burning complex 
• Burns fat & improves appetite control and digestion 
• Speeds up metabolism 
• Boosts energy 
• Prevents muscle aches 
• Cellular health 
• Development of red blood cells 
• Improved brain & nerve function 
Vitamin B12: Improve mood 
Single: £29 
6 vials: £145.00 
• The main purpose of vitamin B12 in the body is to aid formation of red blood cells 
• B12 deficiency can lead to anaemia, which is a low red blood cell count 
• Patients with B12 deficiency can feel tired and weak 
• B12 deficiency is also associated with problems such as irritability low mood and anxiety 
• Other symptoms include pale skin, breathlessness, loss of appetite, weight loss 
• Additional principle uses include: for asthma, aids liver detoxification, depression, diabetic neuropathy, low sperm count and tinnitis. 
Biotin: Strengthen hair, nails, skin 
Single: £39 
6 vials: £195 
• Biotin is part of the B vitamin family 
• Also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H 
• Symptoms of biotin deficiency include fatigue and depression 
• Biotin promotes healthy hair and nails 
• Biotin deficiency is also associated with anaemia and hair loss 
• Enhances insulin sensitivity and improves the activity of an enzyme (Glucokinase), which is responsible for utilization of glucose by the liver. 
Glutathion: The ‘master antioxidant’ 
Single: £84 
6 vials: £420 
Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced by the body, it helps counter oxidative stress, which has been linked to age-related diseases including cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Other benefits include: 
• The pathway to beautiful skin 
• Mother of all antioxidants 
• Gives skin a radiant dewy glow 
• Hydrates dry skin 
• Brighten and lightens the skin (known as the wonder drug for skin lightening) 
• Disperses pigmentation plus helps stop this forming 
• Assists cell renewal for healthy new skin cells 
• Increases sex drive 
• Increases stamina 
• Strengthens immune system 
• Creates stronger swimming sperm in men 
• Detoxification for overall improved health 
• Boost longevity 
• Reduce oxidative stress 
• Reduce cell damage caused by fatty liver disease 


How many treatments will I need? 
This will depend upon the type of vitamin being injected, your general health and lifestyle. Sometimes a short course of 4-6 weekly injections is recommended to during a loading phase. Monthly treatments are recommended for maintenance. 
Are injections more effective than taking supplements? 
Vitamin injections enable direct delivery of nutrients into the body, where they can be rapidly absorbed and delivered through the system. Supplement absorption relies upon the efficiency of digestion. Vitamin injections have a 90-100% absorption rate. 
Where is the injection site? 
All injections are intramuscular. The most common site is the deltoid in the upper arm and gluteus maximus at the back of the hip? 
There may be a small degree of irritation at the injection site after your chosen treatment is administered via intramuscular injection. You may resume normal activities immediately. 
Can I have this treatment if pregnant or breastfeeding? 
Only under the guidance of your medical practitioner 
How long is the treatment take? 
10 minutes 
What is the down time? 
Who cannot receive intramuscular vitamin injections? 
Anyone who has a normal lifestyle can receive our injections. Vitamin injections are suitable for nearly all cases and health backgrounds. If there is concern, we recommend seeking advice from your medical practitioner prior to treatment. 


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