At Pure Spa we offer a wide range of treatments for men. 


Full Back Wax – £27.00 
Full Back Wax and Top of Arms – £32.00 
Upper Back – £21.00 
Chest – £25.00 
Chest and Stomach Wax – £28.00 
Eyebrow Tidy – £12.00 


ULTIMATE AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES FACIAL Time 60 or 90 min – £69.00 and £89.00 

A bespoke facial, is truly a bespoke experience. After a 10 minute consultation with our highly trained therapist the treatment and products will be tailor made for you. A combination of the finest pure essential oils and plant extracts are applied with specifically designed massage techniques, to restore and recondition the skin, leaving the complexion smooth and luminous. 
This is the perfect treatment if you are unsure of your skin’s needs or wish to book a great one off or course of treatments specifically designed for you. 

DEEP CLEANSE FACIAL Time 60 or 90 min with a back massage – £69.00 and £89.00 

An intensive treatment that incorporates extraction and hot towel compresses, alongside facial massage and a freshwater mud mask, leaving a super clean and fresh skin. 

The Deep Cleanse Facial is perfect for: 

Oily combination skin 
Problem skins prone to breakouts 
For skin needing a deep cleanse 

What is included in your treatment? 

Neck and shoulder massage 
Hot compress 
Relaxing scalp and face massage 
Purifying exfoliation and mask 
Arm and hand massage 
All 90 minute treatments include a 30 minute body massage 

Jan Marini Glycolic Peel Time 50 Minutes - £62.00 

Jan Marini glycolic peels are derived from sugar cane, which has the smallest molecular structure of the alpha hydroxyl acid family and is therefore very effective at penetrating the skin. Apart from sloughing away dull, rough skin to reveal a softer, smoother appearance studies suggest that continuous treatments with glycolic peels plump up overall skin texture and cellular activity, slowing the aging process and reversing damage caused by the sun. 

The Deep Cleanse Facial is perfect for: 

Resurfacing and clarifying 
Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles 
Repairing and healing the skin 
Balancing skin tone giving a more youthful complexion 
Treating acne and inflamed skin, such as rosacea 

What is included in your treatment? 

Resurfacing with 40% Glycolic Peel 
Soothing Mask 
Vitamin C Rejuvenation 
Rebuild, Repair and Protect 
We strongly recommend preparing your skin for 2-3 weeks prior to treatment with the 5 step skin management system. Preparing the skin will enhance results and minimize sensitivity, peeling and down time following the peel. 

Jan Marini Retinol Facial Time 50 Minutes - £62.00 

This facial uses all-trans-retinol for enhanced resurfacing and skin refining effects. This corrective facial will provide immediate results for all skin types. 

The Retinol Facial is Perfect for: 

Refining and hydrating 
Resurfacing and clarifying 
Brightening and smoothing 
Minimizing fine lines and wrinkles 
Treating acne 

What is included in your treatment? 

Enzyme cleanse 
Enzyme resurfacing 
Extractions (optional) 
Rejuvenate, Hydrate and Protect 


THE ULTIMATE AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE Time 60 or 90 min – £69.00 and £89.00 

This ultimate treatment releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and re-charged. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation. Stresses and strains are dissolved away. 

This treatment includes: 

Pressure points 
Deep tissue massage 
Lymphatic drainage 
Scalp and face massage (90 minute treatment) 

INTENSIVE MUSCLE RELEASE Time 30 or 60 min – £43.00 and £69.00 

An intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight, aching muscles, to instantly relieve pain and tension. 
This intense massage is specifically designed for releasing pain and tension in tight, stressed and aching muscles. Stretching, draining and cross muscle fibre techniques are combined with oils containing black pepper, rosemary and ginger to warm the muscles and help disperse the build up of lactic acid. 

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON Time 120 min – £120.00 

For times when you need a little emotional pampering, this indulgent treatment helps to harmonize and rejuvenate the spirits. 

Perfect if you need: 

Uplifting energizing and re-balancing. 
Unwind and refocus 
Reduce the stress and strain of daily life 
Balance hormones 
Improve mood 
Reduce SAD effects 

This treatment includes: 

Foot exfoliation and massage 
Soothing aromatherapy massage, with warm serum and oil. 
Pressure points 
Deep tissue massage 
Lymphatic drainage 
Facial cleanse, massage and mask 
Scalp massage 
The products used in this treatment contain key essential oils including: Geranium, Frankincense, Rose which: uplift the spirits, promote blood and lymph circulation, balance and harmonize, encourage breathing and spiritual awareness. 

PERFECT BACK Time 30 or 60 min with back massage – £43.00 and £69.00 

Designed for backs prone to blemishes and oiliness, this treatment restores skin, leaving it smooth, glowing and flawless. This treatment is also ideal for special occasions and pre holiday to brighten the skin. 

This treatment includes: 

Deep cleanse 
Scrub and compress 
Back massage (optional) 
Marine mud mask 
Foot massage 
What our clients say 
The Pure Spa team are absolutely amazing. The quality and range of treatments are fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Pure Spa to anyone who is looking for a fabulous experience.” 
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