Skin Boosters 

Skin Boosters are a revolutionary hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment that improves skin laxity and restores firmness on your face, neck, décolletage, hands and arms. 
Depending upon the product chosen, ultra-pure hyaluronic acid or hyaluronic acid with amino acids are injected into the skin in 10 points per treatment area or into specific areas. 
The product spreads under the skin and, thanks its water-loving properties & starts to hydrate from deep within. Skin boosters have the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which gives your skin its structure and bounce back. 
Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar chain molecule found in the skin and soft tissues throughout the body. It attracts and binds water in the skin, providing volume and hydration, but also ‘cushioning’ and supporting collagen and elastin fibres and providing a medium, or carrier, for chemical messages between the cells. Although Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid injectable, it is not strictly a dermal filler as it does not ‘volumise’ as it lacks the cross-links between the HA chains which give dermal fillers their structure. Instead, it stays within the skin for around 28 days, during which time it simulates the production of 4 types of collagen and elastin, thus providing a tightening and lifting effect. 

Your Choice of Skin Booster Treatments 

Single treatment (2ml) £215.00 
Two treatments (2ml) £400.00 
Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser designed to nourish the skin and activate the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in a beautiful dewy and rejuvenated complexion. Its distinctive skin rejuvenation formula stands as one of the pioneering injectable hyaluronic acid treatments that rejuvenates and renews skin tissue, effectively addressing skin laxity. Profhilo® collagen booster injection encourages collagen and elastin production, drawing moisture into the deeper skin layers. 
Recommended Treatment for face or neck or hands: 
1 syringe 
2 treatments 
4 weeks apart 
Twice per year 
Lumi Pro 
Single treatment (2ml) £175.00 
Three treatments (2ml) £425.00 
This state of the art skin hydrating treatment that delivers intense hydration, promotes collagen stimulation and gives effortless glow. 
Designed by UK SKIN-TECH INNOVATION for use on the face, hands and neck, LUMIPRO uses advanced technology to hydrate, firm and tighten skin with results seen in as little as 48 hours. 
A market leading 40mg hyaluronic acid content per 2ml. Higher HA content than the other industry brands. 
• Instant Hydration 
• Ultra High Purity 
• Smooth Application 
• Stimulates Collagen 
Recommended Treatment for face or neck or hands or arms: 
1 syringe (arms require 1 syringe per arm) 
3 treatments 
4 weeks apart 
Once or Twice per year 
Lumi Eyes 
Single: £149.00 
3 treatments: £375.00 
Lumi Eyes is a high-quality injection product based on polynucleotides (obtained from purified salmon milk DNA) that repair damage to the dermis with tissue regenerating material. It treats dark circles under the eyes, moisturises and fights fine wrinkles, as well as smoothing and lifting the skin under the eyes ⁠ 
It is not a filler. Lumi Eyes is a skin booster specifically designed for the under-eye area. It is an injectable skincare for the eye area.⁠ ⁠ 2-3 sessions are required four weeks apart for optimal results. There is zero downtime 
As well as rejuvenating your under-eye area, it also reduces the signs of ageing and reveals a radiant, youthful glow. 
• Complex whitening and skin rejuvenation⁠ 
• Restoration of damaged skin⁠ 
• Forming a healthy skin barrier⁠ 
• Regeneration of cells and tissues of the dermis⁠ 
• Anti-aging and anti-fine wrinkles⁠ 
• Skin lightening & rejuvenation⁠ 
• Improvement of skin elasticity⁠hes 
• Cellular health 
• Development of red blood cells 
• Improved brain & nerve function 
Recommended Treatment: 
1 syringe (1ml) 
3-4 treatments 
4 weeks apart 
once or twice per year 


What are Skin Boosters? 
Skin boosters are treatments that enhance skin hydration, texture, and elasticity. They involve micro-injections of hyaluronic acid into the skin to improve its overall quality. Unlike dermal fillers, which add volume to specific facial areas, skin boosters focus on increasing the skin’s hydration and smoothness. 
Which areas can be treated? 
Technically, any body part could benefit from the skin boosters. Common areas that are treated include: face, neck/décolletage, body (arms, hands, knees etc.) 
Does it hurt? 
Skin boosters are rarely painful, however, may cause some slight discomfort. 
Additionally, some skin boosters contain lidocaine, a local anaesthetic to help with pain control throughout the injections. 
How long until i see the results? 
A period of 2 weeks should be allowed for the skin booster to take effect and for any swelling and residual bruising to subside. A recommended number of treatments are needed to maximise restults. 
How long do the results last? 
This depends on several different factors, namely: which areas are treated, type of product used, patient demographics and physical activity (regular exercise increases metabolism which would lead to quicker breakdown). Initially, skin boosters are recommended to be injected in 2-3 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart. Maintenance treatment will often be required by topping-up at the 6-8 month mark. 
How long is the treatment take? 
30 minutes 
What is the down time? 
Avoid direct sunlight for 4 days. Use SPF 50. Avoid vigerous exercise, swimming, sauna, sunbed for 7 days. Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours. Stay well hydrated to help disperse the booster through the skin 


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